Poe, postcards… prints?


Yuh-huh, all of those things.

1. I recently completed the illustration for Edgar Allan Poe’s ‘Alone’ – a beautiful little poem which forms the lyrics for a song on one of my favourite albums, Arcturus’ ‘La Masquerade Infernale’. It’s quite a departure from my metalhead days though, as it has a self-consciously childlike colour scheme with the primary red-yellow-blue palette. The way I read it, ‘Alone’ isn’t about being lonely, it’s about growing up as a romantic dreamer, learning to explore and find beauty in a world which doesn’t exactly make that easy. That person in the middle, the only black element, she’s alone, and she likes it that way.

Have a look here: Edgar Allan Poe > Alone

Prints of ‘Alone’ will be available soon.

2. Not long after finishing Alone, which took aaages, I also finished another postcard which pays homage to my favourite landscape, the Peak District. I moved a little further away from it recently so I’ll need to go back soon, to check it’s still there. ‘The Slumbering Giant’ is my love letter to the hills and valleys of Yorkshire and Derbyshire.

Ey a neb reight’ere: Postcards > The Slumbering Giant

Prints are available here: Etsy store: The Slumbering Giant

3. What’s that? You sell prints now? Um… yeah, now that you mention it, I’ve been sayiong I’ll do that for a while now. They’re a thing. I have some. Quite a lot. Do you like prints? You can have some if you want. Yep, you can just have them. What’s that? What’s the catch? Oh yeah, you have to pay cos apparently that’s how you business these days.

Business my prints here: The Business End of a User Interface

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