2016-07-28 12inch Cover composite face level mod 1024

Hamerex: ‘Traitor’ album cover, 2016

TLR Final Print res 4 +X-Margin 1024

Hamerex: ‘The Last Ride’ EP cover, 2014-15

IX Cover Web uncropped

Hamerex: IX album cover illustration (uncropped), 2013

Doris Banham Inks Web

Flyer Image for Doris Banham Dog Rescue fundraiser, 2013

Blade Bass Grinder Colour Enhanced 1024

Grindstone Art Signature Image: Bass Blade Grinder, 2012

GA Flaming Skull red vivid light

Grindstone Art Signature Image: Flaming Skull, 2012

Rites of Passage Cover Web

Hamerex: Rites of Passage album cover (2011)

The Lycan Cover Web

Hamerex: The Lycan EP cover, 2010

Cover illustration for Hamerex' Into War EP

Hamerex: Into War EP Cover, 2009

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