Tomorrow I’ll be introducing Sheffield’s joint-second-worst poet of 2018 to the very scary world of Youtube. She’s a little nervous about it. Edgarella has previously performed at Sheffield and the Edinburgh Fringe’s anti-slam contests for bad poetry. Watch the preview video here: Coming Soon: Edgarella She writes about all the stuff that makes us both … More Edgarella

The Green Thing

Here’s my newest completed postcard illustration, ‘The Green Thing’. Prints, as ever, eventually… And a new postcard with completed pencil work, ‘Forest with Church Ruins’ which has a lazy title because I am a lazy artist. See the full series here: keirajamesart.wordpress.com/postcards


It’s an arboreal barracuda. But that’s a gobful, so just call it a forest demon. Here’s the newest addition to the Postcard series, inspired by the Sandworms of Beetlejuice, and various other terrors that dwell in the deep, dark woods. There may be a story behind this, if I can ever be bothered to write … More Arboracuda


Dear reader, I would like to draw your attention to the new ‘Postcards’ page and the recently updated Poe gallery, now featuring deadly poison, tragic loss and a late night in the Briny Depths. Go look. Go on!

Hamerex: The Last Ride (part 1)

Hey, I recently completed the cover artwork for Hamerex’ new EP, The Last Ride. The EP has been available for about a month now, and is already getting great reviews such as this one: http://sinisterangelsrealm.blogspot.co.uk/2015/04/hamerex-last-ride-ep-2015.html – here’s the first part of my commentary on the process of making the cover. The EP can be ordered … More Hamerex: The Last Ride (part 1)