1: Satyr at a Waterfall

Postcard 1: Satyr at a Waterfall.

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My first completed postcard illustration, using a disposable cardboard box insert which would otherwise have been thrown away.

The idea of a purely hedonistic creature such as a Satyr intrigues me greatly. They are figures of envy, free in ways no human can be without immense power & privilege. They are dangerous figures to emulate.

Note the waterfall effects: the bands of spray are lightly stippled with a flat brush in a shallow v-shape. That style was inspired by watching long-drop waterfalls such as Hardraw Force in the Yorkshire Dales. This painting taught me a great deal about rendering froth & spray effects.

Acrylic on greyboard, 162 x 228mm

Daler Rowney FW inks: Black, Sepia

W&N Galeria paint: Titanium White

Featured in Riggwelter journal, issue 17 (January 2019). Thanks to Kinsman for including it.



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