Edgar Allan Poe

Here’s a long-term project which I’ve been working on sporadically over the last 2-3 years – a series of illustrations based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Eventually the aim is to complete twelve and make them into a calendar, but since they’re mostly drawn in snatched minutes between other tasks, I wouldn’t hold your breath. Click each title for step-by-step progress.

The Red Death (2014-15)

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Red Death final 1024

The Black Cat (2015-16)

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2016-12-20 1024

The House of Usher (2016-17)

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2017-06-01 Scan 1024

A Descent Into the Maelstrom (2016-17)

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2017-11-22 Fin 1024

Alone (2017-2020)

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2019-11-16 fin 1024

The Pit and the Pendulum (2017-20)

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2020-03-10 Fin 1024

Ulalume (2018)

2018-04-04 Ulalume pencil 1024

The Cask of Amontillado (2018)


The Tell-Tale Heart (2018)

2018-12-06 Tell-Tale Heart 1024

Ligeia (2019)

2019-01-29 Ligeia Pencil 1024 hicon

A Dream Within A Dream (2019)

2019-04-16 Pencil 1024

The Raven (2019)

…coming soon. Sorry.