Postcard 7: The Slumbering Giant

Postcard 7: The Slumbering Giant

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This is an homage to all my favourite things about northern England, gigantic spactacular hills disappearing into the clouds and lots of sweet, pretty rivers, pools and copses. This is only an idle recollection of many walking trips, embellished with imagination and a classic mythic trope, since I can’t get out into the countryside anywhere near as often as I’d like.

I renamed the postcard ‘slumbering’ as opposed to ‘sleeping’ in honour of Sara Connell of Queer Sex Ed podcast, who described body changes on HRT in exactly this way.

I imagine the Giant as a grumpy but kind old lady who’ll get the kettle on for her guests as soon as she rouses herself from centuries of sleep.

The most important lines indicate the deep recesses between the headlines, separating thh various stages of foreground and background – effectively stepped from the distance to the closest areas. Look carefully for the walkable pathway up the ‘hand,’ across the ‘shoulder’ up onto the summit.
The texture and colours are built up using layers of black for the darkest recesses, then alternating sepia, green and white washes, with a few details in thicker ink or paint to finish. A surprising range of tones and values can be created by layering and glazing in this way.

Look very closely to see the two sheep.

Acrylic on greyboard, 238 x 162mm.
Daler Rowney FW inks: Black, Olive Green, Sepia
W&N Galeria paint: Titanium White