Tomorrow I’ll be introducing Sheffield’s joint-second-worst poet of 2018 to the very scary world of Youtube. She’s a little nervous about it. Edgarella has previously performed at Sheffield and the Edinburgh Fringe’s anti-slam contests for bad poetry.

Watch the preview video here:

Coming Soon: Edgarella

She writes about all the stuff that makes us both giddy, nervous, anxious, depressed and all those other emotions it’s no fun to talk about, and she does it in the most grandiose and pompous way possible. She performs in honour of the Bard of Baltimore, Edgar Allan Poe and worships Roger Corman, Vincent Price and Hammer Horror movies.

Sometimes I wonder if I should ask her to tone it down… but she gives me a look. A serious look.

Oh yeah, I’m a proper website now, not just a wimpy blog.

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