‘IX’ finished and available soon!


Hamerex’ album ‘IX’ is printed and will be released this week!

Guitarist Steve said:

“Who likes the look of the digipak? It was designed by James Sixtyeight with his paintings and photography with my mum taking the band photo which isn’t visible in the picture. You can pre-order the album for £7 with £1.50 postage via paypal on our website www.hamerex.com. It’s seriously worth it and I’ve had comments that’s cheap for all the work that’s gone into it. The music’s decent too 🙂 “
This is the illustration which covers the wraparound digipak:
Cover Illustration CD Res - No Title

It’s somewhat different to the actual painting, as I thought it looked more effective reversed on the right side fold. Here’s a work-in-progress shot of the cover as I was applying the black ink, with the previous 6×18″ drafts as a scale comparison:

2013-05-21 IX WIP 1024

And here is the finished painting, showing a little of the margins.

2013-05-29 IX WIP 1024

This is the full package in all its glory (from hamerex.com):


The official announcement on the album’s release is here:

So what next…?

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