New Things, Nov 2013


Since the IX project finished, I’ve been sorting out promotional bits and web stuff – making cards, banners, avatars and all those things. Here’s a summary of the New Things:

Grindstone Art is now on Twitter: / @GrindstoneArt

Here’s my new avatar for Twitter & DeviantArt, which I’ll also use when I get round to bothering people on forums and such, with a detail from Hamerex’ Rites of Passage album artwork from 2011.

GSA Twitter Avatar

Here’s a contact card using a variant of the same detail. I call this the Burton Card because I think he looks a lot like legendary grumpy bugger Richard Burton. I’ll get some printed when I can find somewhere that does contact cards on the cheap.

GSA Burton Business Card Web Preview

This is the Twitter background banner featuring a detail from Hamerex’ IX album cover illustration:

Grindstone Art Twitter Banner preview

Last week my friend and fellow Sheffield artist/musician/poet Rowan posted an interview with me on his website about art and music.

“It’s the illustrator’s job to make a visual work which suits the music. The best illustration doesn’t just fit with the music, it adds a new dimension to it. The moods expressed in really beautiful music tend to be extremes of joy or pain, just as in beautiful art. I don’t have a lot of time for the moderate or mundane, and working to, or for, music which explores extreme emotions is an excellent way to bring that out.”

Read the full interview here:

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