James Hetfield – Hunting Trophy


“Thankyou Mommy!”

“My pleasure honey. Remember, we’re doing this to save Metal!”


Hetfield Trophy 1024
I drew this image in response to the news that Metallica’s James Hetfield would be narrating a TV show called ‘The Hunt’, about a party of big game hunters going to Alaska to, well, kill bears. Funnily enough, I’m not dead keen on the idea. I knew Hetfield was into some bloody weird stuff long ago, but something so blatantly, publicly celebrating the murder of wildlife was a step too far. So here are my thoughts, in simple visual language.

This is obviously the work of someone who loves Metallica’s music (while it was still good 😛 ) as you can tell from the t-shirts and M-shaped plaque. There’s a fair amount of cognitive dissonance involved in condemning someone whose work [a long time ago] you greatly respect.

I recommend listening to Megadeth’s Countdown to Extinction as backing music. It seems highly appropriate. Not that I agree with Mustaine on everything (or, for that matter, most things), but it has a particularly fitting theme.

I am in the process of drafting an ethical policy for Grindstone Art. I have very strong views on many issues, and animal cruelty is one of them. I will never depict animal abuse, exploitation or cruelty except to explicitly condemn such acts.

Black acrylic ink, white acrylic paint on paper, 295 x 207mm including margins.

Original and prints for sale, email if interested . 25% of proceeds to a worthwhile anti-hunting cause.

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