The Grindstone is for Metal


Hello Grinders,

Grindstone Art is a one-person design studio in the darkest recesses of Sheffield’s industrial district, amongst factories, workshops & machines. This city is a perfect breeding ground for the alienation, darkness & noise which drive us to scream in the night, the fuel for Metal drips from every leaking pipe & overflowing storm drain. Chain-link, barbed wire & spiked fence fortresses are the whole world in this Metal prison. It is little wonder the mind seeks solace in violent sounds. In this solace, we find Grindstone Art.


I’ve been illustrating for many years now & will be gradually updating this blog with old stuff as well as adding new work under the Grindstone Art label. I have a current project for Wakefield band Hamerex & will be seeking new projects soon.

I work in a range of styles & love experimenting with methods, processes & materials. I regularly combine digital & traditional media, using inks, paints, photography & sculpture to create unique images.

I’ll occasionally review pieces of album or music-related art that catch my eye, & comment on things like the compositions, colour schemes, typography & other elements, so I can develop my own eye for these & so you get some idea how I think. I have a lot of old favourites so I’ll never be short of material. There are some fantastic artists popping up even now, when album art seems to feel obsolete too often.

I have a firm ethical policy which I will expand upon later; suffice to say there is enough misery & suffering in the world for me to want to compound it any further. There is plenty to explore in Metal without glorifying abuse, supremacism & misogyny.

Enough for now.

Until next time.

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