It’s an arboreal barracuda. But that’s a gobful, so just call it a forest demon.

Here’s the newest addition to the Postcard series, inspired by the Sandworms of Beetlejuice, and various other terrors that dwell in the deep, dark woods. There may be a story behind this, if I can ever be bothered to write it.

2019-05-16 Arboracuda fin scan 1024

Forest Demon 1 (Arboracuda), Black & Sepia acrylic ink, Titanium White acrylic paint on greyboard, 162 x 238mm.

I’m… er… also considering retiring the ‘Grindstone Art’ monicker, as it was originally a way to label my art without using my deadname. I’m more comfortable having that on work, so I might just start using the site that bears my proper name.

Not immediately, mind. But soon.

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