So! It’s been… um…


..three years since my last blog post. I am not good at this informing-the-people-of-the-things lark. Since my lat post, I’ve totally finished one album cover, which was a while ago, and finished an EP cover a couple of weeks ago, which is part of a much larger work whcih I’m not showing you yet cos it ain’t finished. Catch up with that by going to the shiny Hamerex page and having a gawp.

I’ve also been working on a bunch of illustrations based on Edgar Allan Poe stories and poems, starting with ‘The Masque of the Red Death’ in december 2015 and having just drawn ‘Ulalume’ in the last few weeks. Wearily wander over to this page for a look-see.

Also also, I’ve satrted working on a bunch of smaller illustrations of whatever I fancy, which might one day be sold as postcards or lil’ prints. Cute little gribbly monsters, aliens, landscapes and all sorts of this, that and the other. There isn’t a page for that, but there will be… soon.

Everything will happen soon. The scary part is what happens after.

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