Hamerex ‘IX’ cover concepts part 2

Current Works in Progress, Hamerex

Here’s my second set of draft images for Hamerex’ forthcoming album, simply titled IX. These are in a different format than the previous images as they’re designed for a much wider layout. It’s quite liberating to work in such a wide landscape format as you can explore detail to the right and left of the central image. It requires a different level of attention to the composition, and doesn’t reward confined perspectives. I’ve played around with perspectives a few times during this project and you can see more of my experimentation as I release more images. The best is still to come 😉

Once again, these use the central railway bridge as a linking motif, with some recognisable features from Wakefield’s landscape. Both images are approximately 100 x 300mm (excluding margins) and rendered in black acrylic ink on packing paper.

IX Black Concept 1 1024

IX Black Concept 2 1024

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