Fashion Illustrations

Here’s a small selection of the pictures that happen when I feel like making pretty things. Most of these are a little old, expect more soon! I’d be very happy to collaborate with any designers or models on illustrations like these, feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to work something out.

Blue Dress and Patent Shoes, Walking Downstairs (August 2014)

A somewhat Alice in Wonderland-looking colour scheme to this illustration. And a reminder that I should probably find out what most of these items of clothing are called. I would definitely like to make some patent shoes with wooden platform soles soon. Volunteers for testing would be welcome.

Black acrylic ink + Titanium White & Winsor Blue (Copper Phthalocyanine) acrylic paint on cardboard, 168 x 238mm.

Blue Dress Stairs 800

A Few Minor Adjustments (2013)

Another shoe-themed picture, a candid moment on a rooftop. Those ribbons can be so awkward.

I had some fun with the juxtapositions here. I do like the implications of putting military fatigues with, at best, semi-practical shoes, & the general sense of being a world away from all that horrible stuff. Camouflage & ribbons could be made to work seamlessly.

Acrylic black & green inks & acrylic white paint on corruguated cardboard, 279 x 370mm.

Minor Adjustments 800

Green Suit (April 2013)

Making shoes is a fun thing. I got the idea for making shoes from drawing lots of people wearing clothing including, but not [necessarily] limited to shoes. Then I thought drawing people wearing fancy schmancy shoes like the ones I want to make would be a good idea too.

Black, green & red acrylic ink + Quink + white acrylic paint on packing paper.

Green suit 1 800

Chair, Pen and Beer (2013)

A youngish person in a natty dress & very natty shoes enjoying a few of my favourite pastimes. I can neither confirm nor deny that I was in the pub when I did this drawing or the sketch that preceded it. Similarly, I can neither confirm nor deny that there are beer marks on it.

Acrylic ink & white acrylic paint on packing paper, 169 x 355mm (excluding margins).

Chair + Pen Painted 800

Pencil under-drawing of the above image:

Chair + Pen 1 Pencil 800

Red and Black Dress (2013)

One of my first attempts at this type of illustration. I was still finding my feet with the style at that time.

Black & red acrylic ink + Quink + white acrylic paint on packing paper, _ x _mm.

Red Black Dress 1 800

Gothic Black Dress and Stockings

I’d very much like to put a real dress like this together, and I started making something resembling the stockings/chaps/whatever out of some stretch jeans, but they got stuck in a box & might be picked up again sometime maybe.

Hells, I want to go out on the razz in that dress. It needs making, which means I need to learn how to make dresses.

Black & sepia ink & white acrylic paint on 150gsm paper, 185 x 247mm.

Goth LBD 1 800

Gothic Suit, Cape and Blue Leggings (2013)

And I’d quite like to wear this out on the tiles as well. That won’t be possible unless it exists, so if I (or anyone else) wants to fall over gracefully, it needs to be made.

Acrylic ink & white paint on 150gsm paper, 185 x 247mm (including margins).

Blue Leggings Front + Back 800



One thought on “Fashion Illustrations

  1. Awesome work dude. I particularly love “A Few Minor Adjustments”. The dynamic of the figure is really working here.
    George (Harlequin) x

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